We are a new company based in Malta with focus on innovative media and market research.


SET Media

Our media workshop produces a number of print publications each targeting a wide variety of niche markets in Malta as well as abroad.

SET Consulting

Our research lab focuses on market and consumer research with the aim to assist and consult businesses from all economic sectors.

SET Charity

Our corporate social responsibility will ensure that 10% of every advert sold for our print publications goes to local charitable organizations.

SET Media


This is our media workshop. We build our own powerful, brilliantly designed, innovative, and target media products which we use as a conduit of cultural and behavioural change.


We believe in the power of the written word and its magnitude in building a good relationship between a customer and a brand.


  • To produce high quality and innovative print and online products which can be used as communication channels between customers and businesses.
  • To ensure our own share in the local media while maintaining a good relationship with the leaders in it. Media is the Fourth Estate in a democracy and its aim is to act as an arbiter, a watchdog, and a harbinger of what people need to know, must know, and have the right to know.
  • To trigger actions. Our media tools are active instruments, each of them with one aim: to make the customer act – buy a product, try a service, tell a friend about it, laugh, become curious.

Our Projects

We are a young team of creative marketers with an academic background in communications, integrated marketing and research; with experience in the print media and consumer research. We believe in the power of consumer research. Without it every other marketing effort is a shot in the dark. Understanding the customer is paramount to businesses and vital to the fate of brands. Companies' outlook and cultural attuning are pivotal in today's demanding society.

How We Do It

Our goal is one: make the customer act. SET media and SET consulting deploy various tools and methodologies aimed at triggering this action - whether it is to make the person to purchase a product, try it out, or just notice it and tell a friend about it.

Methodologies & Tools

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Where we are

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